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Chilewheels is a Chilean company founded by specialists with a broad experience in the adventure tourism business. We offer a modern fleet of vehicles that allow you to drive through the main roadways and all secondary roads that connect to the main places of interest. You will enjoy your journey in direct contact with the nature and a dependable backup support from us.

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Our vans are equipped with dishwasher, bed, table, drawers and other pieces of furniture and appliances. They allow you to organize your own and independent trip. Our permanent backup makes sure that you get the best support from specialists with extensive knowledge about traveling in Chile and Argentina.
Our bus, called Captain Fantastic, is equipped the same way our Campervans. Group dormitory with capacity for 8 people. Tents of 2 to dig soft and warm nights. A kitchen to prepare delicious dishes and anything you feel like for dinner. There is no bathroom; an aditional adventure calling for the cat’s hole technique, as proposed by the Chilean National Parks ... haha.
Captain Fantastic has capacity for 8 people, plus the driver, who is always included. An average of 300 km per day. Ideal to travel quietly with a family group, close friends, classmates, and wild adventurers who need to practice their outdoor sports, like kayaking, climbing, hiking, painting, drawing, etc. It can be a short trip of a few days or a large one of months.
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For people who love to travel on motorbikes we offer vehicles whose design and features allow to drive along main and secondary roadways. We also offer guided motorbike tours. They are given by an expert in Chilean landscapes, who has extensive experience in organizing sightsee routes throughout the country.

Places to Visit

Chile is a long, thin country that stretches on the mainland from north to south for about 3,900 kilometers. This distance is the equivalent to that from the German-Danish border in north Europe down to the southern region of the Sahara Desert in central Africa. This huge length of Chile explains the country's different climate zones. Starting in the north with a desertic region, moving down to a semi-arid climate, at whose end a Mediterranean climate in the center follows. From here it gets a bit chillier heading south, showing a temperate oceanic climate around Valdivia ending with a subpolar oceanic climate in the extreme south of the country. You can image there are plenty of places to visit in Chile.
Chile is safe to undertake a journey and to get to see the great variety of places of interest it offers. The Panamerican Highway ("Ruta 5") is the backbone of the country, which allows a fast road travel towards north and south of the land. Hundreds of roads are connected to it. They lead to a broad range of different spots between the mountains of Los Andes and the Pacific Ocean.

North Chile

Known for being the most arid desert on earth, its lunar landscape will seize your attention. Its almost endless reach, the tint of its soil, which constantly varies depending on the sun's position, bestows a unique, magical experience. It also hosts small, enchanting villages like San Pedro de Atacama, surrounded by natural monuments and the remains of glorious indigenous cultures from a time past. The Tatio Geysers are located 4,200 m. above sea level and show their impressing spectacle at morning break. Further south, in the province of Huasco, sporadic rainfalls trigger the dazzling phenomenon known as Desert Bloom.



Central Chile

A considerable variety of landscapes between the high summits of the Los Andes Range and the hundreds of beaches at the Pacific Ocean invite visitors to sightsee this vast region. Hundreds of places are apt to practice outdoor activities like surfing, hiking, rafting, mountain climbing, kayaking, nature fotoshootings, bird watching, and many others. Big cities like the Capital Santiago coexist with other small towns that keep alive the typical traditions of rural Chile: Handcraft art, entertaining folk festivals and an outstanding local cuisine.



South Chile

The Chilean Patagonia and the South of Argentina constitute, together, one of the most beautiful and exotic regions on the South of the planet. Pampas of endless reach, native forests, islands, lakes, mountain ranges, glaciers, fjords and rich wildlife make up the natural wealth of the Patagonia. Nature parks like "Torres del Paine" promise an unparalleled beauty to those who venture to hike through its winding paths. The diverse flora and wildlife are being utmost taken care of by Park Rangers. An adequate infrastructure renders support to the visitors. Cities like Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, and others are meeting points for visitors from all over the world. Further north reveals Chiloé island a very particular culture with its legends and friendly people. To try out their typical seafood dishes is a must.




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About Us

Chilewheels is a family business founded in 2011 by the two brothers Andrés and Daniel Longueira. Manolo, Andrés' son, joined the team in 2016. While Andrés arranges the trips and Daniel takes care of management, Manolo drops off and picks up the campervans all over the country.
The project evolved from an idea regarding offering tour services to places of the country that are not on the menu of mainstream travel agencies. They are thought for people who love traveling in order to sightsee the nature, but at the same time independently deciding what to see and where to go. The perfect solution, they clearly saw, was renting vehicles equipped with all what a long touring trip demanded, providing at the same time solid and competent backup support whenever needed.